Online Gambling

LIVE HONGKONG is a form of wagering. It is differentiated from other forms of gambling by its convenience. This type of gambling allows for continuous betting, rapid feedback, and a wide array of betting options. Internet gambling is also facilitated by technological advances. A high-speed internet connection makes it possible for fast bets and easy access to vast betting options.

In 2007, six percent of the British population used the Internet for gambling purposes. However, only 5.7 percent of this group reported problem gambling. Many Internet gamblers report that it is easier to get money online than in person.

Several studies have suggested a link between Internet gambling and gambling problems. Despite this, a lot of research remains to be done. While most studies are cross-sectional, longitudinal research has the potential to identify specific factors that can predict whether a gambler has a problem.

Problem Internet gamblers are more likely to engage in gambling activities than non-problem gamblers. They tend to blame land-based casino games or sports wagering for their problems. But, they may have an existing gambling problem that leads them to use the Internet for gambling.

Internet gambling is primarily regulated by state law. Some states have expressed concerns that Internet gambling can bring illegal gambling into their jurisdictions. Although most jurisdictions have enacted legislation that regulates the activity, questions remain about the extent of these laws.

The first commercial Internet venue for the general public was Liechtenstein’s International Lottery. That establishment was seized by U.S. marshals in July 2007.